Intensive Training

This training offers the comprehensive Circle of Security approach to diagnosing relationship struggles and building comprehensive treatment plans for parent/child dyads.

Upon completion of training, participants may choose to take an examination for leading to certification in Circle of Security Assessment and Treatment Planning.

Parenting Training and DVD

The Circle of Security Parenting Training and DVD is a parent education program offering the core components of the evidence-based Circle of Security protocol. This 4-day seminar trains professionals to use an eight chapter DVD to educate caregivers.

Introductory Training

This training provides a basic understanding of attachment theory via the Circle of Security (COS) and an introduction to treatment planning and clinical application using the COS.

Core Sensitivities Training

The COS Core Sensitivity Seminar will focus on three predictable strategies (core sensitivities) commonly used by most of us in an attempt to both navigate close relationships and protect ourselves from emotional pain.

Special Presentations

Sometimes we offer special trainings and presentations. Please click on the listings for more information about an upcoming special presentation.

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